Anonymous asked: I've always wondered if you shipped Kyle with not-so-main characters? Oh and I love your artwork so much!


CraigxKyle, I am guilty of that ship. And ChristophexKyle. I’ve read some good DamienxKyle fics but it’s not really on my “ship” list because there’s so many Kyle pairings and I can only dedicate myself to a few coughK2styleK2K2styleK2K2K2kymanK2K2K2K2

Anonymous asked: are you 23 years old?

no, but you are pretty close

speaking of which, I turn 25 years old next week

Anonymous asked: who inspires you in the south park fandom?

BABYHiP was my inspiration in 2006, then it was emzy in 2009 and uhh I think that’s it for “inspiration” (no one else really “inspired” me after that but there’s tons of artists whose stuff I really enjoyed)

Anonymous asked: which girl from south park do you ship kyle with? just a girl.

I think Kyle with Bebe is really cute! Well, how I see it is more one-sided and Bebe is the female version of Kenny kind of because Bebe has a thing for Kyle[’s ass]. Bebe would be following Kyle everywhere because ~*ooh Kyle ooh*~ but Kyle would be like “nO!!GROSS, GIRLS!!cOOTIES!!1” because Kyle is a cute dumb nerd.


”?!” makes a sound in my head, but I can’t describe what it is.

Anonymous asked: what do you work as? (if it's too personal than you don't have to answer) what does saru work as? (i'm asking you because she doesn't seem active on tumblr v.v)

I work as a nurse’s aide in a convalescent hospital ∠(:3 」∠)_ and saru works in an airport (it’s sad that she’s not active anymore)

Anonymous asked: does southparkfantasy have a tumblr etc. so we can still see her work? ;-;

she does have tumblr, she’ll let me know if she wants me to post her tumblr (I don’t think she wants to right now.) she doesn’t draw SP anymore, though

Anonymous asked: are you in contact with southparkfantasy? i miss her work so much ;-;

yeah! sorry she’s not in the SP fandom anymore, but she likes attack on titan a lot


"i was born in the wrong generation" i say as i steal my grandkids hoverboards because fuck you i was promised these years ago

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